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  1. September 17 2014

    The New ADi: What I’m Looking Forward To

    By Seth Cameron Short
    Related Solutions: Consumer, Ethnographic Animation, Events, High-tech, Manufacturing, Training
    Related Skill Sets: 2D, 3D, CAD Conversion, Flash, Green Screen, Interactive

    About a month ago, the ADi team came under the umbrella of Funnelbox, a talent-packed video studio specializing in Strategic Video Production. This move has greatly widened our capabilities, and opened up the possibility of “greater than the sum of its parts” collaboration between our teams. Some of the possibilities I’m looking forward to exploring: Special Effects in Video and Film Look out, WETA. With our skills combined, we’ve got the capabilities of a large studio and the agility of a tightly-knit creative team. With the kind of talent we have on…

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  2. September 11 2014

    Elemental Painting

    By Nick Nakadate
    Related Skill Sets: 3D

    Allegorithmic is in beta stage for their new 3D texture paint software, Substance Painter.  What sets Substance Painter apart from other painting applications is the ability to paint with particles.  One can dynamically paint using particle brushes over time, arguably giving the ability to paint in 4D (time being the 4th dimension), not just 3D.  When I first used this, it was a very special discovery–seeing particles being born from a brush stroke and rolling across the model surface, each particle with its own life.  Particle brushes range from organic…

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  3. June 3 2014

    The Distilling of Innovation

    By Kate Ertmann

    What is it? The almighty Innovation. I’ve spoken at a couple of conferences this past month — first at Front End of Innovation and then at CASRO’s Technology and Innovation. It’s a hot word right now, that Innovation. Gotta innovate. It’s important. Don’t be left behind. Don’t do the same old, same old. Who wants to be old? Old is bad. New is better. Different is better. At both of the conferences, speakers and attendees offered their definitions of what innovation means. “Innovators give something to the world that they didn’t know was…

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  4. May 30 2014

    The Difference Between Narrative and Interactivity

    By Seth Cameron Short
    Related Solutions: Training
    Related Skill Sets: Interactive

    Last week Alex and I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on game design, the Victory Condition Workshop. (It’s part of WebVisions, a multi-day conference on technology, user interaction, and future developments.) It wasn’t what I expected. And I didn’t learn what I thought I would… but it was time well spent. It was a small group, 8 or 9 of us, of diverse backgrounds. Only some of us were what you’d call “gamers”. The presence of non-gamer participants was refreshing. The organizer, Robert Lacosse, took this in stride. His lecture…

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  5. May 20 2014

    3D Printed Layers of Design: Part II

    By Nick Nakadate
    Related Solutions: Events, High-tech, Manufacturing
    Related Skill Sets: 2D, 3D

    This is  the second installment of our Stumptown 40 2014 entry. For those of you who missed part I, here it is: I received the 3D laser sinter (SLS) print from our friends at Rapidmade, and it looked great!  The SLS process is, basically, is a high-powered laser sintering or curing layers of the CAD file out of powdered material in a bed.  I was happy to see the detail in the model coming through in the SLS print. Once on the workbench, I drilled holes into the car body so as to…

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