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President and Executive Producer

Kate Ertmann is a businesswoman, seasoned speaker, thought leader and a charitable advocate. A child actor for kid’s television programming and commercials, Kate renounced her Hollywood hopes in favor of a telecommunications degree from Ohio University. Her energetic leadership style can best be defined by the tattoo that runs the length of one arm: a series of mathematical equations, or morphisms, that represent movement, followed by the word “GO!”. Kate’s favorite food is buttered popcorn.

Kate’s latest Journal entries…

  1. September 16 2013

    Art on the Hill

    Yesterday I took my husband and some friends up to OHSU – via the tram – to look at art. Did you know this? That you can view contemporary art, for free, up at the hospital and admin buildings on Marquam Hill? I believe the art is mostly Pacific Northwest artists, and the collection is managed, including some curated pieces, by the Marquam Hill Steering Committee, a group of women community leaders who advocate for the public missions of OHSU throughout the state. A couple of years ago they curated Art on the…

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  2. September 16 2013

    We’re Hiring! Are you a 3D Animator?

    Summary: Animation Dynamics Inc (aka ADi), a 17 year old 3D animation company in Portland, is hiring a full-time 3D Animator. The ideal candidate for this position should be comfortable collaborating with a small team (we’re a staff of ten people) as well as sharing and supporting their own opinion. This candidate should be enjoy working in the whole spectrum of animation – from camera animation to character animation. We want you to be skilled in creating animation that is expressive and storytelling-rich in its movement and purpose. Since ADi works…

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  3. August 5 2013

    Hey, Ford, Have I Got Something For You!

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    I fell asleep in front of the TV a few weeks ago. [This actually doesn't happen too often. We don't have a TV in our bedroom and I can usually catch my tired self to get up to bed before this sort of thing happens, which, when it DOES happen, always seems to then result not being able to fall asleep once I DO get the aforementioned tired self up to bed. I hate that.] So! As I woke up while the nighttime news was playing, I found myself in one…

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  4. June 6 2013

    Math + Animation = Yes please

    I’m keeping it clean and simple with my post in that I just want to share one of the most awesome things I experienced on the world wide web recently. And it’s short and sweet but it says so much to me. I give you “Moving Atoms: Making the World’s Smallest Movie” which then takes you into the actual movie called “A Boy and His Atom” Via a tweet that led me to Gizmodo’s post about this, one of the interviewees who worked on the project says exactly what I hoped someone…

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  5. April 18 2013

    A Different Way to Make Your To-Do List

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    You know when you have those moments in life where you say to yourself  ”Why didn’t I realize this before?” And usually it’s around what could be considered a mundane ho-hum everyday sort of thing. But probably BECAUSE it’s around a mundane ho-hum everyday sort of thing – so, you know, it’s something you touch and interact with everyday – the impact will be significant. I’m talking about the daily To-Do list. In these days when we’re focused on the power of relationships – be it IRL (that’s In Real Time, folks)…

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