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Lead Character Animator

Donald’s talent and skill shine through in ADi’s character animation bringing quality and life to our work. His life-long ambition to make beautiful character animation has put him on track to making a name for himself in the global animation industry.

Donald’s latest Journal entries…

  1. December 7 2011

    Just Move Around A Little

    When you’re working on a computer every day, all day, suddenly relaxation may come to mean working on a farm or going out dancing. For those who live a digital life, relaxing on the couch and watching the game after work just exacerbates a host of chronic pains that pop up as you trudge into the future of your bright career in animation.  I’ve been doing this stuff for, oh, all my life I guess. I walk to and from work, go on vacations in the woods or at massive productions like…

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  2. October 19 2011

    Super Hero Movies – Done with Origin Stories

    PIC:  The Super Heros of Marvel Comics Comic book movies are on the rise. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that so many comic book super heroes are getting their own movies. However, with so many coming with the intention of kick starting a franchise, I’ve seen far too many origin stories for my taste. Spiderman, Ironman, Wolverine, Superman, Batman Begins, Green Lantern and I believe the Hulk had two origin story movies. The same thing is happening to Spiderman now that they’re trying to re-boot the Spiderman movie…

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  3. June 2 2011

    Dungeons and Dragons – Cooperative Narrative

    Image by Penny Arcade Many forms of entertainment are written cooperatively by a staff of writers.  Almost any comedy show on TV that is built around jokes is written by a team of writers, each testing their jokes over and over to get the best bang for the buck.  Long form serialized TV to a lesser extent, where the grand arc of the story is fleshed out by the shows creator, and the interstitial episodes are polished out by individuals or duos.  Scripts for movies, cartoon shows, the list goes…

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  4. March 3 2011

    CG in the Desert

    This year I volunteered my 3D skills to a Burning Man arts team for their project titled Katabasis: Journey to the Underworld.  As with many art projects designed for Burning Man, this one is enormous in scale, 75′ square and 15′ tall.  It has nine interlocking rooms, each with its own theme and style connected by secret passages and mazes.  Each path leads the participant through a different sort of journey like the sexually repressed Victorian era or the wild realms of nature.  This is not my first foray into the…

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  5. January 3 2011

    3D – Movies, TV’s and Video games

    With the advent of the new stereoscopic 3D technology, the world has experienced a re-resurgence of the “This movie’s in 3D!” phenomenon that struck the world somewhere around the 1950’s.  Back then the 3D glasses were made of two color plastic, red and blue, and the split in vision was accomplished by blocking specific colors from reaching your eyes through the differing colored lenses.  Today however, the tech has evolved to use polarized light.  Each lens is made of polarized plastic, blocking out specific wave lengths from your vision.  The…

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