About ADi

Who are we and what do we do? Wow, great questions. We’ve got some answers.

What does ADi do, anyway?

We play in the space where science meets storytelling.

Animation Dynamics Inc is a leader in the animation and interactive market and has been committed to custom and creative solutions for businesses for 18 years.  Founded in 1996, shortly after the movie Toy Story was released, ADi was strictly an animation shop that brought to life business concepts through animated storytelling.  Since 2008, the ADi team has honed their 2D and 3D animation portfolio as well as diversified their offerings, by implementing illustrative concept design, animated interactive experiences, and ethnographic animation for human experience visualization for clients nationally.

Where is ADi located and how can I contact them?

By telephone: 503.227.5914

By email: info@animationdynamics.com

In Person: 712 Main Street • Suite 100 • Oregon City, OR 97045 (map)

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