April 2012 Stories

  1. April 24 2012

    Apps? Fun Stuff vs Productive Tools

    By Sean Hutchinson
    Related Solutions: Consumer
    Related Skill Sets: 2D, 3D, Flash, Interactive

    By now you’ve seen the commercial a dozen times. The little-girl-turned-aspiring-actress that bemoans her parents’ data plan. Seems the folks have had to make some tough decisions as to what stays and what goes on the old “smartie” phone. Hello, micro-strategy app: goodbye charming video of their daughter, dressed as a tree, and her stunning delivery of her only line in the school play (“Watch out for my roots!”). She chides her parents, as only a precocious child actor can, about their prioritization of a business-related app over preserving this precious…

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  2. April 17 2012

    Bring out your dead: Tupac comes back as a “hologram” at Coachella

    By Client Relationship Lead
    Related Solutions: Events
    Related Skill Sets: 3D

    Music fans were shocked this week when a dead rap star appeared on stage and shouted “What up, Coachella?” before performing. It was pretty convincing. To say it went viral is a bit of an understatement. If you still haven’t seen it, you can check out the video here. As the twitterverse lit up with tweets from fans and celebs alike, you might be wondering, “So how exactly did they do that?” Well, you start with a vision from Dr. Dre, add an Oscar winning CGI company called Digital Domain, and a…

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  3. April 10 2012

    Game Balance

    By Donald Fergus

    Game Balance Recently I have been working on some game design for a two player fighting game.  The first rule of these sorts of games is to maintain a proper balance.  In games, balance is a term used to encompass a handful of ideas, such as fairness and difficulty.  Balance in games is not strictly for video games, but card games, table top role playing games, board games and even sports.  When one is challenged with designing a game of some sort, balance must be in the front of the designers…

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  4. April 4 2012

    Persephone: Colorful Transition

    By Nick Nakadate
    Related Skill Sets: 2D, 3D, Green Screen

    Working on Persephone (Mark Roush’s short film about a girl made of chocolate) has brought the opportunity to create a look that is painterly and dreamy. I have been creating CG backgrounds from 3D sets that are then treated in 2D for a more painted look and feel. In working on transitions among the shots, I have been exploring the opportunity to introduce more organic and painterly transitions. How does it move? What is the color palette and timing? How does paint move, or is…

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