April 4 2012

Persephone: Colorful Transition

Related Skill Sets: 2D, 3D, Green Screen

Working on Persephone (Mark Roush’s short film about a girl made of chocolate) has brought the opportunity to create a look that is painterly and dreamy. I have been creating CG backgrounds from 3D sets that are then treated in 2D for a more painted look and feel. In working on transitions among the shots, I have been exploring the opportunity to introduce more organic and painterly transitions. How does it move? What is the color palette and timing? How does paint move, or is it really paint, or more of an intangible dream scape? So the work flow also experiments with how transitions between shots, and how their environments intertwine.

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  1. Kurtis Hough said…

    Looks great Nick! Would love to see the film when it is completed.

    9:55 am / May 13, 2012
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